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Wisconsin is one of the most popular tourist destinations for water sport enthusiasts. Bordered only from Canada by Lake Superior and featuring more than 10,000 lakes and thousands of streams and rivers, Wisconsin is a must-visit for travelers heading Midwest . If you’re planning to visit Wisconsin , don’t forget to choose your travel accommodation. The state offers plenty of lodgings for vacationers, including Wisconsin holiday homes and vacation rentals, hotels and lakefront cabins and lodges.

The scenic landscapes of Wisconsin vary deeply. Farmlands, lush forests, sandstone cliffs and beaches are just some of the sceneries you will see at the state. But these awesome vistas are not the only reasons why people visit Wisconsin . As the beer capital of the nation, Wisconsin receives a heavy influx of lager-loving travelers every year.

All-year round, the state also hold various seasonal events. If you’re visiting during summertime, you’re definitely in for a treat. The Strawberry Festival, where an abundance of succulent strawberries and varieties of beverages, including the famous Strawberry Slush, is one of the most famous summer festivals. Port Fish Day is another renowned event in the state, especially for beer fanatics as this is the day to celebrate the good ole fish and chips.

During autumn, don’t forget to enjoy some of Wisconsin ’s fall favorites like the great apple orchards, food tours and Technicolor road trips. And speaking of trips, the Black Point Mansion museum of Geneva Lake offers educational and exciting boat tours for eager tourists.

So whether you’re looking for the finest barley pop in the country or can’t wait to try out other delicious culinary delights, the state of Wisconsin is definitely right for you. But before packing your bags, be sure to plan your trip by checking out several Wisconsin vacation rentals from our vast library.

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