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Nassau is a city on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. It is not one of the biggest islands, but it is the most popular one for tourism. It is also the capital of the country. Vacations in Nassau are very popular because of the city’s casinos. There are remote parts of the island, too. Mainly, the island is the center of the economy and the business center for the people of the Bahamas. Most of the banks of the Bahamas - the second largest industry of the Bahamas - are located in Nassau. Tourism and Nassau vacation homes are the largest industry. Locals try to sell souvenirs and the like. The region welcomes thousands of travelers all year long, which is why they have developed a vast lodging infrastructure which includes accommodations such as vacation rentals in Nassau, hotels, and Nassau vacation homes and condos.

Nassau has become a modern banker's paradise, at least on New Providence and the Grand Bahamas. On the other islands - formerly known as the Out Islands but now euphemistically called the Family Islands - the atmosphere is truly more West Indian. Browse our featured Nassau vacation homes and vacation rentals in Nassau.

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