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Kansas , one of the country’s friendly and open states, is located in the Midwest . Many people enjoy road trips when going to Kansas . Being welcomed by vast panoramas of green, open spaces makes people wonder and realize just how big the United States is – and this can be experienced when going to one of the country’s largest states. Lodging options in the area is as vast as its regions, with such accommodations as Kansas vacation rentals, holiday residences, hotels, bed-and-breakfast inns and more.

Kansas , whose name means “people of the wind”, was home to a great Indian tribe before the country was founded. Now, residents and travelers experience Kansas ’ native spirit when visiting its large open plains, where tranquil winds embrace people with its warmth. The state is also rich in history and culture. It was once a battleground for slavery disputes in the mid-19th century, a period also known as “Bleeding Kansas”. The colorful and interesting background of Kansas is brilliantly preserved in its museums, historic sites and landmarks, which tourists visit every year.

What attracts visitors to the breadbasket state is the interesting group of wildlife sanctuaries and state parks, which are mostly located in complex combination of landscapes, like sand dunes, rolling hills and prairie lands. Kansas is a wonderful destination for those looking for adventure. Its many trail hikes, hunting spots, horseback riding areas and fishing scene are just among the activities one can enjoy in Kansas – there is even a huge ball of twine at Cawker City . If you want to experience the delights of the Midwestern state of Kansas yourself, look for the premier Kansas vacation rentals from our library.

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