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Founded during the mid-18th century, Georgia is a collection of diverse geographical location situated in southeast United States . Thanks to James Oglethorpe, Georgia had become the 13th colony of the New World . Georgia is popular for its unmatched and exciting adventures, like white-water rapids, mountain hikes, cave explorations and forest camp sites. At the state’s southern regions lie breathtaking pastoral farms and orchards as well as the fantastic Okefenokee Swamp . Those planning to visit the state have several lodging options, including Georgia vacation rentals, hotels, bed-and-breakfast inns and others.

Georgia is as rich in history as a well-traveled gadabout is in experience. It saw the rise of the Cherokee and Creek Indian nations, the birth of the Trail of Tears, the prosperity of cotton plantations and, of course, the Civil War. None can forget the victory and anguish during General Sherman’s “March to the Sea” and the horrors of the Burning of Atlanta. Georgia was the seat of economic power in the south due to Atlanta ’s efficient railway and transportation system. Today, the vivid past is preserved in some of the state’s famous museums and parks.

Ever since pre-Civil War days, Georgia has been known for its southern hospitality and stunning architectures. Atlanta has since then risen from the ashes only to become a flourishing metropolitan in the middle of lush forests and verdurous natural features. Georgia has a lot to offer visitors. The Atlanta Zoo, for instance, is home to a myriad of assorted anima species. The stunning and unique High Museum of Art, famous for its magnificent architectural design, houses equally brilliant artworks from Masters all over the globe. If you want to experience the multifaceted state of Georgia , plan your vacation now and book one of our featured Georgia vacation rentals.

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