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Vacation homes in Brasilia or Brasilia vacation condo rentals are a great lodging option when staying in Brazil. The modernist architecture people see on Brasilia vacations is stunning. No doubt about it. Many of the buildings set along the central axis are surreal in their appearance. They are meant to impress. The houses along the wings of the airplane-shaped city all look out onto parks, while wide boulevards lead into the center. It was a laboratory for modernist architects and urban planners, and today the city is a Mecca for anyone interested in architecture. The region welcomes thousands of travelers all year long which is why they have developed a vast lodging infrastructure which includes accommodations such as Brasilia vacation condo rentals, hotels, vacation homes, Bed & Breakfasts and vacation homes in Brasilia.

Imagine what it would be like touching down on another planet, and you’ll have some idea of what confronts you when you first arrive to Brasilia vacations: there is a clinical, science-fiction logic at work in the city. Other visitors have had less kind things to say about the city. Simone de Beauvoir, visiting in 1963 with Jean-Paul Sartre in tow, described the place as “elegant monotony”, while the Royal Institute of British Architects poked fun by renaming Brasília “The Moon’s Backside”. Its definitely an experience. Browse vacation homes in Brasilia here!

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