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Consider a stay in Hawaii Island vacation rentals or vacation homes in Hawaii Island for your next trip. Hawaii Island, also called the Big Island, is 93 miles wide and has an area of 4,028 square miles. The Big Island is larger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined and the largest island in the United States. Hawaii Island was created from five different shield volcanoes that erupted pretty much one after another, overlying each other and finally forming the Big Island. In chronological order the shield volcanoes are Kohala (extinct), Mauna Kea (dormant), Hualālai (dormant), Mauna Loa (active) and Kīlauea (active). The Big Island offers a variety of different accommodations for visitors including vacation homes in Hawaii Island, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Hawaii Island vacation rentals.

Hawaii Island is known for its volcanoes. Kīlauea is the most active and has been continuously erupting for more than two decades. Black sand beaches, formed by Kīlauea’s broken up lava taken to the shore by ocean waves, are common on the island. Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island’s highest peak is the tallest mountain in the entire world including Mount Everest. Browse our inventory of Hawaii Island vacation rentals and vacation homes in Hawaii Island today!

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