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Find Folly Beach vacation apartments and vacation home rentals in Folly Beach, South Carolina. Here you will discover, as I have, the warmth, beauty and diversity of Folly Beach - fondly referred to by locals as the "Edge of America". From painted sunrises and sunsets, to the rich history, good food and expansive beaches, Folly Beach has provided most of the essentials to give visitors a new awareness of this unique and charming island town. With a very well developed lodging industry with hotels and Folly Beach vacation rentals, the city welcomes thousands of tourists all year long. You will be fortunate enough if you visit and discover the wonder that is.....Folly Beach. Visitors have the option of staying in Folly Beach holiday rentals, Folly Beach short term rentals or Folly Beach vacation home rentals. Folly Beach is a barrier island, six miles long and the closest beach to historical Charleston, South Carolina, 15 minutes via the Connector. Folly Beach is the home of sea, sand, and surfing, historical and cultural sites; a maritime forest; Morris Island Lighthouse; gourmet food, endangered bird species; and southern hospitality. Folly Beach is a "must see - must visit" place. Browse our featured Folly Beach vacation apartments and vacation home rentals in Folly Beach.

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